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Welcome To My Blog

Updated: Sep 14, 2021

After spending so many years juggling full-time classes and an NCAA race schedule on top of a very full, multi-discipline, World Cup schedule, I've been looking forward to this season. My first season on the World Cup as a university graduate, but more specifically as a non student. I loved the time I had at the University of Utah as a student-athlete and there isn't a single thing I would change about that time. Those experiences at school sculpted me into the athlete and racer that I am today. I needed to be there to learn some of those very specific and important lessons, without which I wouldn’t be the racer or person I am now. But, with that being said, I am definitely ready to move forward and focus all of my time and energy on being the best possible skier, person, and professional that I can be.

I want to create a space on this website where I can interact better with my supporters, partners and fans. It takes such a community to excel in this sport and I want to do a better job of embracing my community! There have been so many people who have helped to get me where I am today and all of my family, friends, and supporters deserve to have a better opportunity to join me on my journey, the journey that is only made possible because of my family, friends and supporters ;).

Keep checking back for updates that I'll be posting on here! And let me know if there's anything specifically you want me to talk about or if you have any comments/suggestions!

Thanks for reading!

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