Upcoming Races

My schedule is hectic and subject to change at a moment's notice, but I'll do my best to keep this up to date!

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CBC Schedule...
Date Location Event
Nov. 21 Levi, Finland SL
Dec. 12-13 St. Moritz, Switzerland SG
Dec. 17-20 Val d'Isere, France 3DH, SG, AC
Dec. 28-29 Semmering, Austria SL
Jan. 1 Davos, Switzerland 4XPAR
Jan. 3 Zagreg, Croatia SL
Jan. 7-10 St. Anton, Austria 3DH, SG, AC
Jan. 12 Flachau, Austria SL

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I'm excited to announce the formation of Team Roni, new for the 20/21 season. This initiative is my committment to up my communication game and become more engaged with my community of sponsors, partners, and supporters.

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I decided to start keeping a blog! It's a space where I want to open up and share more of my experiences. It will be casual but I'm hopeful that it will become a great place to interact with my supporters and partners.

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I wanted to create a space on this website where I can interact better with my supporters, partners and fans...

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